I'm buying my first suit, help!

I’m looking towards getting my first suit, and I would appreciate your suggestion on a color and material. I live in Nebraska so it’s usually warm weather, unless it’s very cold.

Buying the Right Suit for A Man on A Limited Budget

Message from C:

The thing that confuses me most about mens style is matching colours correctly,
Getting a tie that goes with the shirt and suit without contrasting etc.

The biggest problem I have with dressing sharp is buying suits. I am on a limited budget and can’t afford many of the nice suits I see in many stores.

The one issue I need help with is probably choosing the right suit.

Male College Student Wants to Dress Sharp in Hot Weather

Question from M:

What confuses me most is how to dress sharp specific to my country and age. I am currently in India and the weather here is quite hot due to which many of sharp dressing choices such as suits, sports jacket go out of the picture. Secondly, being in college, the choices provided are neither affordable not exactly suitable.

Athletic Build and Suit/Tuxedo Fitting

I’m in the military and have an athletic build. I’ve been trying dress a little more sharp lately and have been wearing more suits, but it’s not something that I get to practice everyday when I have to wear a camouflage utility uniform. I usually like the 3 button suits, but have found that it’s hard to find suits (two or three button) that are designed for athletic builds (I have wide shoulders and a thin waist, which is very significantly different than the ‘average’ suit). I rarely find athletic cut suits, shopping at Men’s Wearhouse and Jos A Bank. I want to purchase a couple of tuxedos soon. Any tips on who makes athletic cut tuxedos, or how to find a slim fit that can be tailored right?

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Prom – What to wear to a gold dress


I will be going to a prom in a few weeks. My girlfriend wants to wear her gold-yellow dress and I have problems to find an appropriate way to match my outfit. I would like to wear my navy blue suit (dark) with a white shirt. Now I’m looking for a good tie. I don’t like plain, golden ones. Do you have a suggestion for me or – maybe – some examples? I would really appreciate it!

Sinatra's Shoes

Thanks for taking the time to make these videos and provide us with advice that really works, I really appreciate it. The question which concerns me deals with a man who has style, Frank Sinatra. When he would preform on stage, he would wear a tuxedo with patent shoes that had a bow on them. In the link provided below (to show the shoes), he is pictured with the same shoes but in a suit and is reported to have worn those shoes with suits as well. Is this appropriate or is it a bad choice of style?
Thanks again!
-Mark Summerville

Prom outfits for hot climate

Antonio I have always found your advice particularly helpful for all occasions. This time I have a challenge for you. Prom’s coming up in a month and a half and I haven’t decided what to wear. You see, the temperature in Cyprus can easily reach 35 degrees Celsius (about 95 Fahrenheit) and I feel my formal wardrobe isn’t sophisticated enough for summer wear. I do have a decent white linen shirt which is ideal for hot weather but would it look good with a charcoal super 120 wool suit or would it be too strange? Also, I’m quite on a tight budget (as you may have heard about the unfolding crisis in Cyprus) so the prospect of buying a new linen suit seems a bit unlikely. Could please offer some solid advice on how to upgrade my prom outfit in easy and economical ways? Thanks in advance.

Charcoal vs Navy Suit for Asian

I am a young Asian gentleman still at university. I am around 171cm tall (5 feet 7 inches)

My first two suits were both black, although I can’t really tell if the other is black. However neither of them fit me very well. I have wide shoulders, thick back, slim waist, but super flat chest. As a result, it’s really hard to find anything that fits me off the rack.

I’m thinking of getting a tailor-made suit. There are two questions:

1. Charcoal Grey or Navy Blue? I want to get a Navy Blazer so maybe I should go for Charcoal?
2. Where should I get it made? I’m from Melbourne, Australia but will also be travelling around US at the end of the year. May also visit Hong Kong in the middle of next year. Which of these places would be best to get a suit? Or should I look online?

Also the suit is for future interviews and networking opportunities. Main purpose is to help me with internships and job opportunities.