A's question on loafers

I would like to buy a loafer but I don’t know what loafer to buy because theres all sorts of styles of loafers. Can you please do a video about loafers, what is appropriate to wear for casual or formal events.

How to dress the tall bodytype

A questionn from C:

I am very tall (6′ 7″) and struggle to find a fit that makes me look proportional (forgetting struggling to find clothes that actually fit, even after that, it’s tough to find the right combination of style features or not – cuffs, pleats, slim fit, narrow / wide lapel, peaked vs. notch, two vs. three button, etc., etc., etc.)

How to start with the basics?

I think my biggest issue would probably be knowing what I need to have a good basic start that I can work into a good variety of casual outfits until I’m able to diversify later when I have more to spend on good looking clothes

Dressing casual but still sharp

My biggest style problem is that what colored shirt should I wear. I am talking about casual look.
What color jeans or trouser to wear with that.
Whether to go for solids , checks or strips.
And I am not a fair looking guy and not very dark.

What type of bag should I be using?

I would appreciate your feedback in regards to men’s hand luggage. That is bags, satchels, etc.
I’am considering a satchel, the fashion balance, the practicality, should a man carry a bag?