Clothes on a student budget

A question from V:

The problem is, I am a student, and I am living on a low budget. I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on good clothes. If you have some advice about that how could I buy good clothes without spending a lot of money, I would be grateful.

High School Reunion

Question from Z.S.

I am a high school student. I have an old school reunion
coming. What dress do u suggest for me in an informal occasion and the temperature here is 14-18 C°.

Good quality brands

Hi Antonio,
I’ve just found your channel for a few days. Although I’ve concerned about how to dress sharp for quite a while, your videos inspire and teach me a lot in terms of style. I can see the content quality of your videos is improving day by day. Your business also teaches some good lessons, as I’m a student and my major is Professional Communication.
Im your videos you did recommended some brands and I find them awesome. However, I’m a student and my budget is very limited. Can you recommend some brands with good quality (not excellent of course, but acceptable) at reasonable price? I also need good internatinal shipping. I’d really appriciate.

Best regards,

Phan Anh

Great places to shop

Hi, I am a business student just starting college and i really was wondering where to start from when it comes to building an interchangeable wardrobe. Where can i shop for great core pieces and quality clothing. For example, leather slip-ons, pants/trousers, shirts etc. i would like if someone can help point me in great direction to start shopping for great quality wear for my money and time. It also be helpful if some are in more of a budget for students, but high end places are great too.

Thank you so much for any help.



Looking Sharp at College?

I love your style advice but I’m still at college and there’s just no way I’m going to be wearing a suit to class. It’d be way out of place. What can I do to look sharp without trying to dress like I’m on Mad Men?