Male College Student Wants to Dress Sharp in Hot Weather

Question from M:

What confuses me most is how to dress sharp specific to my country and age. I am currently in India and the weather here is quite hot due to which many of sharp dressing choices such as suits, sports jacket go out of the picture. Secondly, being in college, the choices provided are neither affordable not exactly suitable.

Style for an Interview

Question from E.B.

I have an interview on Tuesday. I am thinking tan trousers, dark brown belt, matching dress shoes, light green button down shirt and gray sports jacket. What do you think?

Green jacket timeless/classic?

Knowing how warm last summer was here in Holland, I have been looking for half-lined jackets. I already own a light brown/sand-like summer jacket, so I am interested in other colors. This is one that stood out in my search. I am familiar with the seller (have purchased several jackets and suits from them) and know that their off the rack jackets fit me well.

Green jacket
(click to enlarge)

I have one concern though: is this shade of green too ‘fashionable’? It seems that colors are in this year, but I am not at all interested in fashion. Rather, I want to purchase items that I can wear for more than one season, timeless pieces so to say. I’ve browsed around to see whether people were wearing green jackets in the 50s, but most of the images I come across are tweeds or leather jackets, not linnen like this one.

What do you think? Is this garment future proof? Or should I look for something else if I want something to wear for several seasons?

PS: I would not wear brightly colored chino’s such as those shown in the picture. Dark blue jeans or grey chinos most likely.

Will a backpack damage sports jackets?

Hi guys…I was just wondering if you can help me here. I’m a university student who wants to be dressing better…and I’ve ordered two sports jackets I like…now I’m wondering what I can do seeing as I carry a backpack (not because I like them, but because I need to carry a lot…so a briefcase or small over the shoulder strap bag won’t cut it…this leads me to my question of can a sports jacket be damaged with a backpack? Can the whole gentleman look be ruined with a backpack on? (which if it does…I can’t do much about, I still need to rock it regardless…)

What can I do here with a backpack as a student, and the idea of wearing a sports jacket to dress better at the same time…cheers.

Can I Wear an Old Suit Jacket as a Sports Jacket?

I wore out a pair of trousers that came as part of a suit, but the jacket is still in good shape. I don’t think I’m going to be able to find a perfectly-matching fabric to get new pants made from. Can I just wear the ┬ájacket with other pants as a sport coat, or will that be really obvious and bad-looking?