Sports Jacket too tight at button area

Hey guys,

I ordered two sports coats online and took a chance at the sizes fitting based on their online dimensions…luckily…one of them fits perfectly and looks tailor made as a slim fit suit. unfortunately, the second one which was one button instead of two button…is kind of uncomfortable…at the button area the sports coat feels like its pulling a bit and I can’t really lift my arms up without tightening the shoulders and arms in uncomfortable. I’m wondering what I can do about this? Unbuttoned it’s fine but likely will look sloppy…I’m not really certain if anyone can help me here but is there a way to make that area of the jacket fit better.

I already saw Antonio Centeno’s video on tight jackets but it doesn’t apply here because unlike the asker in that video…my suit jacket DOES fit in the chest area, it just doesn’t fit in the button area…so ordering a size up would fix the button issue but ruin the chest in a trade off…I want both to fit well…maybe this jacket just isn’t compatible with my body type? Thanks.

Sports coat choice for PhD student

Hi. I’m a 30yr old PhD Student in social science and a professor-wanna-be. I used to not care about clothing when I was making $$$ in the industry. But now I depend on my TA salary and wish to wear good and mature clothes at the same time.

My goal is to build a semi-casual wardrobe based heavily on sports coats (wearing suits seems to be too weird in academia, and casual clothes are too “student”)

Well, now the problem is that shirts and pants are all affordable with my poor TA salary. But sports coats are too expensive. I have three options now:
1. to buy or tailor-make one good SC with $$$ and wear it for a year and wait till i have enough money next year to buy the second one. 2. buy pre-owned premium jackets, but they could be out-dated in style and color and may look worn-out 3. buy new but cheap jackets (e.g. Brooks 346, JAB, etc)

What should I do?


Buy a new Sports Coat.

I am a young man at university with limited funds and I have started looking out for second hand suits, shoes and jackets. I have been able to get a couple of nice second hand woolen suits and some good Allen Edmonds shoes. I have been having more difficulty finding a sports coat. Should I fork out $300-$400 for a new one or should I keep looking for a second hand one?