A's question on loafers

I would like to buy a loafer but I don’t know what loafer to buy because theres all sorts of styles of loafers. Can you please do a video about loafers, what is appropriate to wear for casual or formal events.

College Guy Asks Tips on Footwear | What Shoes to Wear on Casual Events

Question from C:

Where i struggle is dressing casual and finding footwear to suit me. I don’t mind wearing dress boots but i’m struggling with finding something more casual or laid-back such as a good loafer or slip on that suits wearing to college class and possibly finding something for club wear that would be more dressier. Boat shoes or sperry’s are not my forte.

Formal Shoes

Looking for input on formal shoes for black tie. There is a lot of contradictory information i’ve found, without considering the “opera slippers” option; both of the below styles of shoe is recommended by various shoe companies for formal wear, when I look further on the blogs I find disagreement on this.

Any opinions on either of these from this forum? Thanks.

and / or

Different shoe color

I just found these shoes. They call the color “troy”.
They’re between dress and casual, I suppose…

Well, a picture will say more:


Do these work with… what? I found them awesome… except for the color, it confused me, really.

Dress shoes

So, I’ve got an issue with dress shoes and casual ones. I love cap toes for both, nice, rounded tips, they just look awesome. The problem is, everywhere here in Brasil (-.-) I see people wearing slip-ons! Since I was a kid (I’m 32 now), always, everywhere, everyone with suits wears slip-ons or monk straps. It drives me crazy and it was the reason for me to never get a pair of shoes!
When I found out about the types of shoes and discovered the dress shoes, recently, on RMRS (quite an eye opener), I started looking around on stores here to see if I could find something like balmorals and bluchers. To my surprise, the stores here consider bluchers to be less dressy than slip-ons/monk straps! *shock/horror*

I could not find dress balmorals here, anywhere. So, I’m considering Alen Edmonds for both, dress and casual.

The question: Really?? Square tips slip-ons are dress shoes??

black wingtips

I’m looking for a pair of black oxford wingtips. I’m sitting in the $130-$150 price range and while I found a pair I kind of like they are a little to busy. These are bennington oxfords, http://www.johndoeshoes.com/shoes/. Do you know of any quality shoes that fit my budget? I’ve been looking in thrift stores but its very unlikely I’m going to find anything in my area. I’ve also kept an eye on myhabit but missed my chance to get a pair since I had to choose textbooks over shoes.

Shoes/Boots for a Trip

Over the past two years I have stopped wearing tennis shoes outside of the gym. I feel really awkward if my shoes are not sharp.

Now I am heading on a three week trip across Europe soon and don’t know what to wear for shoes. We will be walking a ton, but not really “hiking”. What kind of shoes/boots will I be able to walk in all day and not kill my feet? I will be in jeans or chinos the whole trip. My monk straps are great, but I have never tested them to this extent. Any suggestions?