A Shorter Man Seeking Style Advice

Question from M:

I would really like to get some more style tips for shorter guys (I’m 5’7). May sound funny but every shirt i buy either in a small or a large the sleeves are always too long and it comes with “wings”. What can you suggest for the wee folk? Hah.

Buying the Right Suit for A Man on A Limited Budget

Message from C:

The thing that confuses me most about mens style is matching colours correctly,
Getting a tie that goes with the shirt and suit without contrasting etc.

The biggest problem I have with dressing sharp is buying suits. I am on a limited budget and can’t afford many of the nice suits I see in many stores.

The one issue I need help with is probably choosing the right suit.

Style Concerns From A Young Professional Man | Clothing Fit and Impressions

Message from T:

As a larger man I have trouble chosing the right cut of shirt that doesn’t make me look bigger than I am and emphesises my good qualities (for example I have very broad shoulders).

Secondly, as a very laid back person I have never personally put much effort into trying to make a good impression on those around me, but now I am entering a proffesional environment where impressions count.

Matching Color and Fabrics

Question from Edwin:

Right now, I am having problems with matching color and fabrics.

Example, silk tie above my silk shirt. Would it work or is it too much of the same thing? What color tie should I be wearing with a green shirt or brown shirt? Combining Tie patterns with Shirt patterns?

Stain issue

I am 21 years old living in India and going start my career as a market researcher by end of this month.

Well in my company no one in the team and immediate boss wears a tie and suit.

I am guy who cannot save his light colour T-shirt from stains. So, what should be my first five dress shirt?

If I can wear only dress shirt, trouser and oxfords

Well in my company no one in the team and immediate boss wears a tie and suit. So, my weapons to look sharper are only limited to my dress shirt, trouser and shoes. What type of dress shirt and trouser should I wear?
If I just consider to wear solid and stripes pattern dress shirts along with solid light textured wave trouser and black Oxford shoes. Do you guys feel it will turn out to be sharper? This is my confusion and biggest problem to dress sharper.


Suspenders and dress shirt/ cardigan (maybe bowtie too) outfit

I got suspenders like 8 hours ago at some thrift shop (Unique in Paterson). The colors of it are that of the american flag, serious. It looks exactly like this (http://www.gemplers.com/product/162031/American-Flag-Suspenders-Clip-on). I have a blue, red, and black SOLID dress shirt. For non-solids, I have a black with like blue stripes and then a white with green stripes. Pant types I have are navy blue jeans and then gray and khaki colored khakis. The color of my bow and necktie are both black. The color of my shoes are blue(kinda like skating shoes), red (basketball hightops), and Sperry Top Sider moccasin boat shoes (brownish color).

Thank you in advance 🙂

Pink shirt for men


I have benefited largely from your videos in Youtube. Thank you for that.

Could you please advice us on Men wearing Pink shirts for work or a party? What kind of pink is O.K, pattern or plain, etc.. How to wear a pink shirt properly and look good in Pink? Matching pants/accessories for Pink shirts and finally, how often should one wear such shirts to workplace.

Thanks for your time!!

Advice on Shirts for an Athletic Body Type

Hi, I have been having a problem with buying shirts that fit. I’m 5’7″ 150 with an athletic build. I used to swim about six years ago, and since then I’ve lost a lot of muscle and slimmed down. However, now I’m left with broad shoulders, slim waist, and the worst of all, a big neck (16.5″). Whenever I look for shirts at department stores, I buy 16.5″ – or sometimes even 16″ – collar shirts, but companies associate my neck size with a very big person, which I am not, giving me a lot of fabric in the stomach area and very roomy sleeves. Even with the “extreme slim fit” items I’ve found are quite big on me. The S/M/L sizing are even worse.

Are there any companies I should look at to buying better fitting shirts for me? I have been frequenting my tailor for a while adjusting shirts each time, but it’s never the best fit. I’d like to know if there’s anywhere I can find shirts that fit better for me.

Thank you!