Pocket Square and a Name Tag

I wear a suit daily for work and ALWAYS wear a pocket square. Soon we will be required to wear name tags which will attach to the top cuff of the breast pocket. Is it acceptable to also sport a pocket square with the name tag?

Matching a Pocket Square without a tie

I have a question about matching a pocket square when I don’t wear a tie, particularly when I wear a sports jacket and nota suit. Should I try to match it with some color that’s in my shirt or go for the opposite, or maybe somethin neutral? I’m looking for a delicate touch and not something that will get all the attention.


Pocket Squares

Hi Antonio,

I love your style and your videos are really informative.
In the near future I’ll be attending interviews for university placements. I’ve bought a great suit and I want to stand out from the average student – with a pocket square.

I’ve tried a few folds with a silk hankerchief (with and without the iron) but once they’re in my suit, they’re never as flat as I’d like them to be and I’m worried that it will lose its shape en route to the interview. Do you have any tips too keep my pocket square from sagging?


How Do You Store Your Pocket Squares?

I started getting into pocket squares recently and now I have a bunch, but I don’t have anywhere good to put them. Should I be hanging them to keep them from wrinkling, folding them up, or laying them flat in a drawer? I don’t want to damage them or put permanent creases in the cloth!