Dressing sharp and carrying your EDC

I like to carry a decent amount of stuff with me for my every day carry (EDC), is there a way of dressing sharp in a business casual environment and carry all my gear and gadgets with me ? I currently wear cargo pants to carry all my stuff, with just a button down shirt . I want to upgrade my style while still remaining very functional with my gear. I am currently working in a research lab as a student, where most people wear stereotypical business casual attire (khakis with a polo or button down shirt. Any thoughts ? I was thinking of wearing a sport coat, but I believe its against style rules to wear that with cargo pants. Are there sport coats or blazers out there that can be worn with cargo type pants? Any thought would be greatly appreciated .

Can a pen go in the outer suit pocket?

Hi from New Zealand! I am a fountain pen enthusiast and like carrying fountain pens with me, I am wondering if you can clip a fountain pen (or two) on the breast pocket of your jacket as an accessory item and if so, how much of the pen should / can be exposed? If not then what about those pens with military clip where the top of the pen is on the same level as the opening of the pocket so nothing is exposed except for the clip but then it would only be there for functional purposes instead of an accessory item. If nothing is good then I suppose they have to be hidden inside in the shirt pocket… Thanks in advance!