Am I overdressing for community college?

I just turned 19 and I’m starting my sophomore year in college. More specifically, a community college in north-central Texas. I graduated from a prep school. By the time I was a freshman in high school, I could tie ties with my eyes closed. The formal fashion style is something I always envisioned myself as when I’d be older. Well, I’m getting older. Problem is, I’m attending a CC in Texas. Not Harvard. It’s not the most fashionable state. I rarely ever see formally dressed people outside of a planned event. I’d like to move to a northern east coast state when I’m done with college. However, I still have the motivation to dress nicer than most people here. When I say “nicer”, I’m not talking about a full on suit and tie. Rather, I like to wear button up shirts, henleys, cardigans, leather jackets with a variety of well fitted jeans/chinos, desert boots, watches, and conservatively styled vans or converse. If I had to categorize my style, it’d be close to Ryan Goslings style. Because to be honest, I would happily wear a suit everyday if I could. The weather here, and sticking out like a sore thumb is the main reason I don’t though. So my question is, am I overdressing? I’ve been told, that when I transfer to my local uni my style will be more acceptable. I hope it’s true.