Looking old?

Hi Antonio,

I’m 23 and in graduate school. I’ve never cared too much for how I dressed. Additionally, being 5’5 and 110lb makes a lot of clothing too big for me. Also, I look young for my age. I often get carded twice at some bars and people confuse me for a teenager sometimes. So my question is, how should someone that look very young in the face and in the body adjust his style so that it doesn’t look like the clothing is too “grown up?”, or is it that picking right clothing will naturally make me look older and I shouldn’t worry about looking out of place in “grown up” clothe/accessories? I’m also considering the future where I will most likely to be a professor at a university where I can get away with business casual clothing 95% of the time.

Thanks, cheers!

ps: your advice on shopping on Asian online stores is fantastic.