An outfit that's good for both field work and office work

A question from R.C:

Hello, my name is Ryan and I have recently been watching your videos and become more interested in style and dressing well. However, I have run into a problem with knowing what exactly to wear to work. I am a project manager for a construction company in Austin, Texas. I work in both an office and construction environment. Some days I spend a lot of time in the field walking through gravel and mud. Other days I am in a corporate office with a more business casual feel. The problem is that most days i find myself in both. How can I choose clothes and shoes that look good for both environments without ruining them. Most days I wear denim jeans, western shirts/polo shirts and cowboy boots.

How Can I Look Stylish in a Style-starved Industry?

I’m going to work for Microsoft. At Microsoft, they honestly do not 2 cents to what you wear to work. In fact, you could come into work wearing a cape and vibram 5 finger shoes if you wanted to. You could wear a cowboy outfit to an interview.

With a culture like this, I want to “look good” and styled when I get there, but I don’t want to be so styled that I’m just out of place — I just want to look sharp. Do you have any advice specifically for a dress culture such as this?