Leather jacket and trousers

Hey everyone,

I just got a new black leather jacket, moto racer style, and I was wondering if you can wear a black leather jacket with navy, brown or pastel green trousers?

Thank you

Charcoal vs Navy Suit for Asian

I am a young Asian gentleman still at university. I am around 171cm tall (5 feet 7 inches)

My first two suits were both black, although I can’t really tell if the other is black. However neither of them fit me very well. I have wide shoulders, thick back, slim waist, but super flat chest. As a result, it’s really hard to find anything that fits me off the rack.

I’m thinking of getting a tailor-made suit. There are two questions:

1. Charcoal Grey or Navy Blue? I want to get a Navy Blazer so maybe I should go for Charcoal?
2. Where should I get it made? I’m from Melbourne, Australia but will also be travelling around US at the end of the year. May also visit Hong Kong in the middle of next year. Which of these places would be best to get a suit? Or should I look online?

Also the suit is for future interviews and networking opportunities. Main purpose is to help me with internships and job opportunities.


Do these brown shoes go with navy and grey suits?

I’m concerned the color of the soles is too flashy (non-conservative) to go with suits. I’m having a hard time picturing it in my head. I need some advice!

These shoes: http://www.6pm.com/product/7842581/color/665

These suits: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/lauren-by-ralph-lauren-suit-light-grey-check-plaid?ID=708246&CategoryID=17788&LinkType=#fn=BRAND%3DLauren%20by%20Ralph%20Lauren%20Mens%26SUIT_STYLE%3DSuit%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D12%26ruleId%3D66%26slotId%3D8


Navy Suit to Prom

I’m a 15 year old guy (very close to becoming 16) and I recently purchased a made to measure suit in navy. It arrived on Monday and it fits great.
I’m a bit worried that all of the other guys at my prom will be wearing grey and black suits, and I’ll be the only one there in navy. I really like my suit, and it was inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s suit from a clip called “500 Days of Summer – Bank Dance”. My suit is almost identical to his, and I’m wearing it with a light blue shirt and a navy tie.

I’m going to prom on my own and so I don’t need my suit to match a girl’s dress, but I think I’m just worrying too much! I got kinda worried as I was looking at my suit once and thought “flight attendant” but I think that’s me worrying again!

What advice would you give to a man in my position?

What Are Acceptable Shirt Colors for a Navy Blazer?

For a relatively formal (business) environment, what would be some good shirt colors to wear under a navy blazer paired with grey trousers?

Of course, I know white is a good color, but what else works? Are darker shades (purple, blue) off-limits?

Looking at some of the following linked shirts, they seem fine on their own, but imagining them paired with a navy blazer makes me doubt their acceptability.

http://imgur.com/kH8PU (somewhat light blue)
http://imgur.com/w0sI3 (darker blue)
http://imgur.com/X7AQn (purple)

Thank you. This site (and its contributors) are really great, and the help I’ve already received has been very valuable.

Best shoes and socks to wear with a navy blazer?

For a navy blazer paired with grey flannel pants, what are the best shoes to wear in terms of both color and style?

This is for a business environment, so it should be relatively formal, yet I would think Oxfords are too formal (?) for a blazer.

Also, what color/pattern socks would be best for this combination, or perhaps the same combination but with tan pants instead?

Thank you.