How to dress the tall bodytype

A questionn from C:

I am very tall (6′ 7″) and struggle to find a fit that makes me look proportional (forgetting struggling to find clothes that actually fit, even after that, it’s tough to find the right combination of style features or not – cuffs, pleats, slim fit, narrow / wide lapel, peaked vs. notch, two vs. three button, etc., etc., etc.)

Casual look for young men

A question from J:

Hey Antonio, I’m 5’6 and about to turn 20 yrs old. I’m confused as to how to dress casual without the jeans and t-shirt look.
As well as a good type of shoe for a younger guy to wear.

How to start with the basics?

I think my biggest issue would probably be knowing what I need to have a good basic start that I can work into a good variety of casual outfits until I’m able to diversify later when I have more to spend on good looking clothes

I'm buying my first suit, help!

I’m looking towards getting my first suit, and I would appreciate your suggestion on a color and material. I live in Nebraska so it’s usually warm weather, unless it’s very cold.