Leather jacket and trousers

Hey everyone,

I just got a new black leather jacket, moto racer style, and I was wondering if you can wear a black leather jacket with navy, brown or pastel green trousers?

Thank you

Dressing for a night out

Hello everyone,

I would love to have your advice on some outfits that would be appropriate to go out at night, be it a bar with friends, a club, a bal, etc. Also, can you wear light coloured sports coats in the evening during the summer (a blue and withe striped jacket for example, or light grey, or regatta type jacket)?
I am 19 going towards 20 so I would like to strike a balance between sharp, classic and young.

Thank you everyone,


Matching patterns and colors

I have a grey and black houndstooth pattern sportcoat, the grey being a shade that almost looks olive.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to find a tie to match, other than solid black. I ‘ve considered wearing black & grey plaid, black tonal stripes, black & grey stripes, black with multi color stripes, paisley, you name it. I’m always afraid should I wear one of the aforementioned, it’ll be too late before I realize I look like I’ve dressed in the dark.

First Blazer

Hi, my name’s Ilia and I’m an 18-year-old student. I’ve decided to buy a blazer for the first time. Could you give me some general guidelines on the subject (color, material, etc.. )


Jackets way too narrow for my shoulders

Are jackets being made more narrow-shouldered these days? I’m a slim guy with a 41′ chest but whenever I try on a 42R my shoulders don’t fit. Some brands I have to go all the way to a 46 before my shoulders fit properly, but I don’t want to buy a 44 or a 46 when a 42 already has more room than I need in the chest and waist. Any recommendations for brands tailored to a more broad-shouldered man?

Jacket and shoes

Hi everyone,

Next week i have a kind of prom night after my graduation and i want to look as good as possible.
I need your help to tell me what jacket should i buy to match my Black trousers and my LIGHT BLUE SHIRT.I was thinking about a navy blue jacket but i want your opnion too. Im not sure if i should tuck in my shirt or not , and im also confused , what shoes i should get. Any opinion will be extremely helpful. THANKS