Does the Vintage Look Matter? How to Dress for a Formal Occasion

Question from F:

Do we really need to look vintage while getting ready for a formal engagement such as Job/Scholarship Interview or official meetings etc. If YES, how can I i dress up to such as occasion (I mean if you could give me some suggestions for a 3 piece suite-single and double breasted, wearing a particular hat, using tweed etc) for the above occasions.

What to wear to interview

I have an interview tomorrow with Schlumberger for a maintanance technician position.

Basically I would be installing maintaining and repairing mining equipment. All the workers are wearing coverall to work.

I was going to wear casual black slacks (not suit pants), a blue dress shirt, and a nice dark blue tie & sports jacket.

Any suggestions? Thanks guys!

Is a french cuff appropriate

As a young graduate going for a first time interview (having only a Bachelor degree to offer as academics), is it appropriate to wear french cuff especially if i know my interviewer(s) are not going to wear french cuff? Thank you