French Cuff Too Large For My Suit?

Because of the overlapping of the French Cuff, it is normally of a bigger size, and as a result, it makes my suit sleeves kind of cramped. Is there a solution for that, or do I have to go bespoke for a fitting sleeve opening on my suit?

Is a french cuff appropriate

As a young graduate going for a first time interview (having only a Bachelor degree to offer as academics), is it appropriate to wear french cuff especially if i know my interviewer(s) are not going to wear french cuff? Thank you

which cuff to measure to

I wear both French and barrel cuffs. I like my barrel cuffs to fit more snug than French cuffs. Because of this my French cuffs rest lower on my wrist than barrel cuffs do making the French cuff sleeve seem a touch longer. Most of the sleeves on my sport coats, suits and blazers are too long since I bought them second hand. When I bring them in, should i have the sleeves altered to my French cuffs or barrel cuffs to show the right amount of cuff?