A look less formal

It’s not often that I dress down, but when I do my style remains quite… preppy, I suppose.

What does a man wear with a rugby shirt if he hates jeans? Slacks are a mismatch, I don’t like shorts, and khaki pants just don’t seem to look right – are there any other options that I’m missing?

Thanks guys,


When should a man purchase a pinstripe suit?

I generally like the look of a man in a pinstripe suit. I personally don’t own one yet but I find its properties attractive as I am around 1.7m ( 5 foot 7) and well-built. But could a man buy one as his second suit for instance? In other words, what occassions and what professions are appropriate for a pinstripe suit? Is it limited to people working in the banking sector?
Thank you in advance.