19 Year Old Suit Wardrobe

Hi Antonio
Thank you very much for all the advice and tips you have bestowed upon us men who desperately need it!! haha
I just turned 19 and am in my second year of college (economics/pre law major)
Unlike most college students I have a job that many would consider a profession, I am a Insurance Sales Associate for Aflac and meet with upwards of 30 clients every month. Right now I am wearing basic outfits such as a white or blue dress shirt (made to measure from modern tailor, i bought 3 white 2 blue as you suggested) and one of my grey or navy dress trousers from Banana Republic (they fit absolutely perfect OTR or trust me I wouldn’t spend the money and I’d go custom) and 1 of 3 sport coats (one i thrifted and two I purchased from Indochino, not to bad of quality and perfect fit) I also have a love from V neck sweaters and have about 17,000 from both Banana Republic and Express. But my question is that some clients (such as lawyers and a few high end business men) I feel I should be in a suit for them to take me just that much more serious as I try and convince them to sign their whole firm or company up for some insurance! As you can see I have whole heartily taken your advice to seek quality not quantity, but I also remember you saying a 19 year old young man has no business spending $1000 on a suit. So should I look into the online MTM stores like Indochino, Black Lapel, Modern Tailor like I have in the past for less expensive items, or sense I do wear this type of apearl almost every day should I save a little and go to a more high end custom tailor (maybe even atailoredsuit!!)
I should also mention whatever road I go it will be custom or at least MTM, for two reasons. 1 I’m in fairly good shape but am still very small, 35in chest, so no jacket anywhere OTR fits me even close enough to be altered, and I have grown accustomed to the little quirks I can add into custom clothing
Thanks so much for your help and anyone else’s help who wants to chime in!!!