Matching Hats with Clothing

Question from C.L.

I’m really into fedoras, and I always find it difficult to match them with what I’m wearing. I have a black one, a white one, and a greyish one. If you could tell me what goes with what I’d be thankful.



My second question here! I absolutely love to wear hats! I think just as every man needs a suit, they need a hat. My question is about the different styles of hats, how formal each of them are, what occasions can I wear them for and signs of quality. I usually wear a Flat Cap for casual events, by casual I would mean jeans/shorts and a t-shirt/shirt. For events where I have to wear a blazer and a tie I usually wear this hybrid hat, imagine a cross between Panama and a Fedora and it’s black. I also wear a straw hat when I’m riding, it’s almost like a Stetson but not completely. When I wear traditional clothes, I’m from Pakistan, I obviously wear traditional hats, like a Qaraqul or a Pakul.

Thank you!