Any good clothiers or men's wear shops in Austin?

From R. W:

I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding places to visit around Austin, since you know the area so well. 5th & Lamar is definitely on my bucket list, but I would like some ideas about other stores designed for the extra-slim community. I am seeking a three-piece navy suit, a few slim-fit dress shirts with some length, and a few solid pocket squares.

Thank you for your time and for your dedication! I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Cardigan, dress shirt, and what type of tie

I have a gray cardigan, a red dress shirt and a blue dress shirt, and a black bowtie and necktie. The question is what do I wear to college. The cardigan is a must because the dress shirts themselves are too big (only ones that would go well with shoes, pants and overall outfit) and the cardigan, being a small, makes it look fitted and like the dress shirt is my size instead of one size larger. So the question is what would look better, a bowtie or necktie, and the cardigan buttoned up or down?

Also, the shoes I wear are NOT dress shoes, I skate around campus and I can’t really skate in dress shoes. I also don’t have eyewear or contacts either, and my hair is black.

Green jacket timeless/classic?

Knowing how warm last summer was here in Holland, I have been looking for half-lined jackets. I already own a light brown/sand-like summer jacket, so I am interested in other colors. This is one that stood out in my search. I am familiar with the seller (have purchased several jackets and suits from them) and know that their off the rack jackets fit me well.

Green jacket
(click to enlarge)

I have one concern though: is this shade of green too ‘fashionable’? It seems that colors are in this year, but I am not at all interested in fashion. Rather, I want to purchase items that I can wear for more than one season, timeless pieces so to say. I’ve browsed around to see whether people were wearing green jackets in the 50s, but most of the images I come across are tweeds or leather jackets, not linnen like this one.

What do you think? Is this garment future proof? Or should I look for something else if I want something to wear for several seasons?

PS: I would not wear brightly colored chino’s such as those shown in the picture. Dark blue jeans or grey chinos most likely.

Shirt Buttoning Trend

I’ve seen that many guys button up all the shirt buttons nowadays, especially highschool and college “kids.” That looks foolish and tacky to me, but I guess society is accepting it because everybody does it. What is you guys’s take on that trend?