Prom is here and you’ve suggested asking questions on the newer videos…Okay so I’ve decided to get a white jacket with black contrasting lapels. pants are black and shoes are black velvet slip on shoes. You’ve said tradition is best, I’m not a traditional person though. It’s a masquerade party and I will have a mask on. The mask will probably match the mask of my date and if not then it will have the same colors. I would really like your opinion. Thank you!

How Much Variety is Okay in Good Style?

I what your opinion on this Antonio. I love clothes and I always think thoroughly through what I wear. I am a 24 year old man from Norway (Europe).

I have a wardrobe that contains lots of different styles. Everything from blazers to hoodies. I know that the way I dress leaves an impression of who I am. Should I be consistent in the way I dress everyday, or do you think it is OK to be more inconsistent and surprising. How will I leave the best impression?

(I guess you will respond by asking me how I want to be seen by others, and of course I want people to think I’m neither boring, nor having a good style)

Thanks for a great service, and I apologize for the bad english.

I look forward to you reply.