How to Match Dark Colored Jeans with a Shirt | Tips on Color Combination

Question from A:

When wearing plain dark jeans, is it better to match light colored tops or dark colored tops, or can you do both?

I am having trouble color matching rules; is it dark on dark better or dark on light and vice versa.

I realize it depends on the pattern and color, but to make it simple, would i match dark colored jeans with a light colored polo or a dark colored polo.

Also, with wearing light colored jeans do the same rules apply? (Light colored jeans on dark shirts or light shirts).

Black suit, dark blue shirt and a tie?

Hey gentlemen!

I have a question for you. I recently bought a dark blue French cuff dress shirt which I really like. So my question is, when I wear a black suit and that same dark blue dress shirt, what kind of tie can I wear?
And I don’t mean only what color but also neck/bow.
I slightly prefer a bow tie but if that just doesn’t cut it I’m fine with a neck tie as well. One more thing is that I’m not going to wear it for work or anything like that. I’m young (15) and only wear a suit when I either play trumpet in a concert or go to theater etc.
Well I hope you understand what I mean and can answer it too!

Best wishes,

What Are Acceptable Shirt Colors for a Navy Blazer?

For a relatively formal (business) environment, what would be some good shirt colors to wear under a navy blazer paired with grey trousers?

Of course, I know white is a good color, but what else works? Are darker shades (purple, blue) off-limits?

Looking at some of the following linked shirts, they seem fine on their own, but imagining them paired with a navy blazer makes me doubt their acceptability. (somewhat light blue) (darker blue) (purple)

Thank you. This site (and its contributors) are really great, and the help I’ve already received has been very valuable.