Prom Night

Hi , i am a 15 year old teen and within a month i will finish my 9 year elementary school and there is going to be an event.The problem is that i dont know how to dress , i know probably most of you will say a suit will do it , but here in my school people think wearing a suit for a 15 year old is weird. SO i was thinking what could i wear , in past years there were guys who wore jeans with a t shirt under a rolled jacket . Simply as that . Any ideas would be helpful , please answer .

How to Dress Well for a School Dance? (14 year-old)

Hi I’m 14 and need help, this is going to be my first time wearing a tux, I’m wondering if a black suit,black tie, black shirt and black pants look good, it’s for a dance at our school and were suppose to dress up good, I’m going with a girl so I want tot try to look my best. Thanks your friend from Chicago