Male College Student Wants to Dress Sharp in Hot Weather

Question from M:

What confuses me most is how to dress sharp specific to my country and age. I am currently in India and the weather here is quite hot due to which many of sharp dressing choices such as suits, sports jacket go out of the picture. Secondly, being in college, the choices provided are neither affordable not exactly suitable.

College Guy Asks Tips on Footwear | What Shoes to Wear on Casual Events

Question from C:

Where i struggle is dressing casual and finding footwear to suit me. I don’t mind wearing dress boots but i’m struggling with finding something more casual or laid-back such as a good loafer or slip on that suits wearing to college class and possibly finding something for club wear that would be more dressier. Boat shoes or sperry’s are not my forte.

A Question to the Sole

I am a college student and was interested in getting a pair of checkered slip ons by Vans. It’s a simple shoe color wise (black and white), however I wasn’t sure if I could wear them with perhaps jeans, a button down, and jacket. Would someone be able to clarify for me if the arrangement would be acceptable as a casual or semi-formal setting? And if it would even appear well put together for the matter? Thank you!

Dressing well as a high schooler and college student

Hello everyone! Really glad I found this forum! Well I recently got the idea to change my wardrobe to be more classy at the beginning of the summer. I’m going to be a senior in high school so I want to make a change that will last for the rest of my life. I already have done some shopping: a few solid colored dress shirts, some solid cotton shirts, some plaid shirts, two waistcoat from International concepts, some pairs of dark colored slim fit levi’s, and a cardigan. I also went to the tailor recently to get a suit jacket and a sport coat kind of jacket adjusted to fit me. I’m just not sure how to incorporate all the different combinations. I’ve been watching the videos but I’m really new to men’s fashion so I have no idea what I’m doing. I have skinny ties as well but I’m not sure how to incorporate those. I’m not really sure what’s appropriate for high school, my gut is telling me to go with whatever I want but still there’s a side of me that’s a bit hesitant due to backlash I’ve gotten in the past. I know this is kind of vague but I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips?

Am I overdressing for community college?

I just turned 19 and I’m starting my sophomore year in college. More specifically, a community college in north-central Texas. I graduated from a prep school. By the time I was a freshman in high school, I could tie ties with my eyes closed. The formal fashion style is something I always envisioned myself as when I’d be older. Well, I’m getting older. Problem is, I’m attending a CC in Texas. Not Harvard. It’s not the most fashionable state. I rarely ever see formally dressed people outside of a planned event. I’d like to move to a northern east coast state when I’m done with college. However, I still have the motivation to dress nicer than most people here. When I say “nicer”, I’m not talking about a full on suit and tie. Rather, I like to wear button up shirts, henleys, cardigans, leather jackets with a variety of well fitted jeans/chinos, desert boots, watches, and conservatively styled vans or converse. If I had to categorize my style, it’d be close to Ryan Goslings style. Because to be honest, I would happily wear a suit everyday if I could. The weather here, and sticking out like a sore thumb is the main reason I don’t though. So my question is, am I overdressing? I’ve been told, that when I transfer to my local uni my style will be more acceptable. I hope it’s true.

Looking Sharp at College?

I love your style advice but I’m still at college and there’s just no way I’m going to be wearing a suit to class. It’d be way out of place. What can I do to look sharp without trying to dress like I’m on Mad Men?