Match clothing with eye colour

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, should a man match his clothing to his eye colour? If so, how would you match your clothing with blue eyes and brown hair?

Thank you so much.


Good quality brands

Hi Antonio,
I’ve just found your channel for a few days. Although I’ve concerned about how to dress sharp for quite a while, your videos inspire and teach me a lot in terms of style. I can see the content quality of your videos is improving day by day. Your business also teaches some good lessons, as I’m a student and my major is Professional Communication.
Im your videos you did recommended some brands and I find them awesome. However, I’m a student and my budget is very limited. Can you recommend some brands with good quality (not excellent of course, but acceptable) at reasonable price? I also need good internatinal shipping. I’d really appriciate.

Best regards,

Phan Anh

Cardigan, dress shirt, and what type of tie

I have a gray cardigan, a red dress shirt and a blue dress shirt, and a black bowtie and necktie. The question is what do I wear to college. The cardigan is a must because the dress shirts themselves are too big (only ones that would go well with shoes, pants and overall outfit) and the cardigan, being a small, makes it look fitted and like the dress shirt is my size instead of one size larger. So the question is what would look better, a bowtie or necktie, and the cardigan buttoned up or down?

Also, the shoes I wear are NOT dress shoes, I skate around campus and I can’t really skate in dress shoes. I also don’t have eyewear or contacts either, and my hair is black.

First Blazer

Hi, my name’s Ilia and I’m an 18-year-old student. I’ve decided to buy a blazer for the first time. Could you give me some general guidelines on the subject (color, material, etc.. )


Where to start?

Hello. I’m a teenager in High School, age 17. I recently was hired as a barista at Starbucks, and one of the first things I plan to do with the income is to redo my wardrobe throughout my senior year so that I have a great collection of garments for dressing nicely throughout college. Is there a particular piece of clothing I should begin with?

How a 18 year old should dress

Hi Antonio,
My name is André, Im from Brazil and I have a question for you.It may be a little out of your league, but I want your help anyway, Im 18 years old about to go to college and I want to know how to dress like a professional/casual, I don’t think that I am ready for suits yet.Thanks for the attention.

How Much Variety is Okay in Good Style?

I what your opinion on this Antonio. I love clothes and I always think thoroughly through what I wear. I am a 24 year old man from Norway (Europe).

I have a wardrobe that contains lots of different styles. Everything from blazers to hoodies. I know that the way I dress leaves an impression of who I am. Should I be consistent in the way I dress everyday, or do you think it is OK to be more inconsistent and surprising. How will I leave the best impression?

(I guess you will respond by asking me how I want to be seen by others, and of course I want people to think I’m neither boring, nor having a good style)

Thanks for a great service, and I apologize for the bad english.

I look forward to you reply.