Color of a shirt and neck-tie

Hi there. A big party is coming up and I was having a problem deciding what color shirt or tie to wear/match.

I am planning to wear a navy blazer (with golden buttons), blue chinos and a shirt. Now I am choosing between a blue and a white shirt (photos are below).

In addition I can’t decide whether I need to wear some sort of a tie or not. The dress code as I can understand is something like business casual (no jeans) but not as strict as meeting with your co-workers or a boss. I think it would be better to look more funky (don’t know if i can use this word) rather than over-dressed.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!


Monogram on Pants

What do you think of monogramming pants? I have never been of the shirt or sweater monogram type, but have been thinking of possibly having my chinos done. I would appreciate your thoughts, be sure!