Casual look for young men

A question from J:

Hey Antonio, I’m 5’6 and about to turn 20 yrs old. I’m confused as to how to dress casual without the jeans and t-shirt look.
As well as a good type of shoe for a younger guy to wear.

Dressing casual but still sharp

My biggest style problem is that what colored shirt should I wear. I am talking about casual look.
What color jeans or trouser to wear with that.
Whether to go for solids , checks or strips.
And I am not a fair looking guy and not very dark.

Age Appropriate Clothing | How to Dress in Style

Message from R:

my main issue is I am a 56 year old male who refuses to dress like I’m 56..why does there have to be a stereotyped way that someone my age has to dress like..I mean I certainly don’t dress like I’m 20 but also don’t want to look like I’m 60 work attire is corporate casual..jeans once a week.

College Guy Asks Tips on Footwear | What Shoes to Wear on Casual Events

Question from C:

Where i struggle is dressing casual and finding footwear to suit me. I don’t mind wearing dress boots but i’m struggling with finding something more casual or laid-back such as a good loafer or slip on that suits wearing to college class and possibly finding something for club wear that would be more dressier. Boat shoes or sperry’s are not my forte.

Resource with many pictures

As a 22 year-old student I finally decided to upgrade my look 😉

The thing I’m struggling with is, that I still cannot decide well what looks good and what looks cheap.
So I’m looking for a resource (book, or a website) loaded with pictures of men in casual and business casual outfits to get some inspiration 😉 Do you know any?

As for my body type: young (22yrs), 174cm, 70kilos, not fat, not skinny, wearing glasses(will stop soon), low-constrast, medium blond, programmer.

And as for my intended look: sharp casual, or business casual, I don’t like suits, so an odd jacket should be the most formal I’ll wear.

Thank you a lot!

Define smart casual for teens

I have an induction week for my sixth form in England, this requires a smart casual outfit for the week and in the autumn when we properly start a suit or two. The thing is I’m only 16 so I do not have an extensive wardrobe of smart clothing as they tend to be expensive and I am still growing. What would you suggest that I do for the induction week.


Pants and boots

I am 18 and I am 6 foot 1 and 175lbs of progressing muscle with a goal of 185 or more. I am what would be considered a country boy and kinda dress the part. Not like a wranglers western add or anything, more along the lines of casual like Luke Bryan just without the such tight fitting pants. I wear cowboy boots and Old Navy bootcut jeans, which in the seat of the pants tend to have excess material and look goofy. I gave wranglers a try but they make my legs look like thin tubes which really isn’t all that appealing. I find it hard to find a pair of pants that work. Should I maybe take mine to a tailor?

Best shop for Casual Shirts

Hi gentlemen

I’m looking to make my collection of button up casual shirts more robust. Any suggestions for the best shops?

I will mostly be using them as day wear for university and weekend wear with raw demin, casual leather shoes and a few black jackets.

I’m of athletic build and I fit quite nicely into shirts from the shop “Yd.” but they are pricey at $90 and are not the best quality I’ve seen.

All suggestions welcome.


ps. Dark colors is my thing, I’m 5″10 so I need the height illusion.

Beach Bar/Resort Wear.

I was wondering if there were any guidelines or advice on how to dress on the beach, or more specifically in a beach bar or resort situation. Where it’s likely to be very hot, but also where you don’t want to be too casual and don just shorts and sandals.
What shirts or shoes go well with shorts? Or even what length of shorts to wear?
I haven’t been to a resort since I was a kid, so I want to make sure I’m going to be stylish.