Dressing Business Casual with Jeans and Suits

I consider myself more style-ish than most – I certainly don’t follow fashion.

My largest issue is with ‘business casual’. I have my selection of jeans and cargo pants for ‘casual’, and a selection of suits for ‘business’, but the ‘business casual’ is something I’ve not conquered.

Resource with many pictures

As a 22 year-old student I finally decided to upgrade my look 😉

The thing I’m struggling with is, that I still cannot decide well what looks good and what looks cheap.
So I’m looking for a resource (book, or a website) loaded with pictures of men in casual and business casual outfits to get some inspiration 😉 Do you know any?

As for my body type: young (22yrs), 174cm, 70kilos, not fat, not skinny, wearing glasses(will stop soon), low-constrast, medium blond, programmer.

And as for my intended look: sharp casual, or business casual, I don’t like suits, so an odd jacket should be the most formal I’ll wear.

Thank you a lot!

Lightweight Dress Shirts for Boys 8-20

I live in Tucson, Arizona. The temperature is starting to rise and in the mid summer it will be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’m looking for a company that is selling lightweight dress shirts. I already buy from Zara, but I’m growing out of their boys section. I’m 14 years old so US sizes would be 16 and UK goes by age.

Thanks a lot. Any ideas would be very helpful.

the most basic question, the difference between business and business casual

The title says it all. Can you please list the criteria for a dress code to be considered business/business casual? Although I understand that suits and ties means business and odd pants with odd jackets means business casual, and according to the rules we should wear balmorals with suits and bluchers for the latter occasion, i wanted to know what about this dress code that requires you to wear DRESS SHIRT AND TIE, BUT NO JACKET? does it fall under business or business casual category? Thanks in advance, and sorry for the caps lock, just to highlight the important stuffs.

How Can I Dress Down A Contrast Collar Shirt?

I just recently got an internship position at the district office of a local politician. I was told their dress policy was slightly relaxed and included dress shirts and dress pants, but ties and suits aren’t needed.

I also recently bought a blue dress shirt with a white contrasting collar and contrasting French cuffs. My question is, would this shirt be too formal for an intern when the the dress code is business casual? Would something like leaving the top two buttons unbuttoned and rolling up the sleeves using the basic or master roll be acceptable, or is it best to just not try dressing down this style of shirt and leave it for a more formal setting?

Thank you.