Functional Difference Between Neckties and Bow Ties

What are the functional differences between a tie and a bow tie?

The bow tie does not flap around, so it won’t get in the way or get caught in something (great when dealing with food, paint, etc.). A bow tie does not bisect the torso.

The necktie can be loosened without taking it off. The necktie covers the buttons on the front of a dress shirt. There are a variety of ways to tie a necktie.

Is there a practical reason for bisecting the torso? Is a bow tie or a necktie more flattering for certain body types? Are there other practical or functional differences between the two (when used as neckwear. I understand a necktie can serve as a belt or binding in an emergency).

Suspenders and dress shirt/ cardigan (maybe bowtie too) outfit

I got suspenders like 8 hours ago at some thrift shop (Unique in Paterson). The colors of it are that of the american flag, serious. It looks exactly like this ( I have a blue, red, and black SOLID dress shirt. For non-solids, I have a black with like blue stripes and then a white with green stripes. Pant types I have are navy blue jeans and then gray and khaki colored khakis. The color of my bow and necktie are both black. The color of my shoes are blue(kinda like skating shoes), red (basketball hightops), and Sperry Top Sider moccasin boat shoes (brownish color).

Thank you in advance 🙂

Cardigan, dress shirt, and what type of tie

I have a gray cardigan, a red dress shirt and a blue dress shirt, and a black bowtie and necktie. The question is what do I wear to college. The cardigan is a must because the dress shirts themselves are too big (only ones that would go well with shoes, pants and overall outfit) and the cardigan, being a small, makes it look fitted and like the dress shirt is my size instead of one size larger. So the question is what would look better, a bowtie or necktie, and the cardigan buttoned up or down?

Also, the shoes I wear are NOT dress shoes, I skate around campus and I can’t really skate in dress shoes. I also don’t have eyewear or contacts either, and my hair is black.

Tuxedo complimenting a yellow prom dress?

I have a prom coming up shortly, and am trying to figure out what to wear to compliment my date’s dress. She is wearing a pastel yellow dress, but I find the “match the dress to the vest and tie” idea a bit overkill, and a yellow vest with a black tuxedo would be tacky in my opinion. I’m considering going with my typical black, 3 button tuxedo, a black vest, pastel yellow bowtie, and white pocket square, but I’m without a doubt open to suggestions. I found some pictures of men wearing outfits very similar to this, and my main concern is that the yellow bowtie would be overpowered by the dark jacket/pants and white shirt. My current vest (black with silver and white dots) is being replaced, so any vest ideas are open. Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated, I’m very new to the finer side of fashion.