the big suit issue.

i am having some trouble finding the right pair of pants. you see my thighs are quite big which means i need quite large pants to fit me well. and for my legs not to look to big ill go with a pair of slim jens or pants but one or two sizes to big, whitch looks quite nice on me. the problem is my suit, the pants are straight and with my big thighs the pants are ( from what i think) way too big. and for the past 6 month i have lost some pounds whitch means they are too big around the waist (and i mean WAY too big). the suit was rather expensive (700$) and was somthing i had saved up for. i dont know if i should buy a new suit, get it tailored(and than get it tailored again after a while) or or just stick it out.

ps going to wear it on new years eve and some formal events in the weeks after.


What Should Broadly-Built Men Wear?

Can we have a video with specific tips for us chubby guys? How to avoid wrinkles ( most resistive fabric to wrinkles) and what the best number of buttons for a suit and are there any recommended colors or patterns in the fabric I should look for? Any techniques you recommend to hide the belly and to look in my best shape possible?