Style tips for skinny body types

A question from E.G:

I just wanted to report the biggest problem I have with dressing sharp. The thing is that look I am a thin man. I am unable to find pants at my size. They are two broad at the legs so I have to fix them and believe me they don’t come out good.
The shirts are to broad also. The long sleeves are perfect I like them but it seems that 3 hands of mine can fit in them. My closet is scarce of clothes and I can’t afford to buy new ones. What can I do? I am to thin and believe I think I can’t combine clothing.

Can a Tailor Tighten Up Clothes When I Lose Weight?

I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately (which is a good thing!) but now a lot of my jackets are kind of loose, and I have to belt my trousers up so tight that they bunch and wrinkle. Can a tailor tighten these up, or am I looking at replacing my whole wardrobe from scratch? Really hoping there’s something they can do!

Good Suit for a Middle Aged Man?

I’m into middle age and recently changed to a career where I need to wear suits pretty regularly. Right now I only have one and it’s showing its age. What should I buy that’s going to look good on me? I’m balding and don’t have a super athletic build, so I don’t think I’m going to look like the guys in fashion ads do!

Do Short Men Need Custom-Tailored Jackets?

I’m pretty small — about 5’6″ and skinny. Do I need to just give up on store-bought jackets and suits and start having them custom tailored? I find that even jackets in my “size” from stores tend to be really bulky and blocky in the shoulders, and the sides of them always seem floppy and oversized. Can adjustments help, or do I need my jackets made from scratch?