Style Concerns From A Young Professional Man | Clothing Fit and Impressions

Message from T:

As a larger man I have trouble chosing the right cut of shirt that doesn’t make me look bigger than I am and emphesises my good qualities (for example I have very broad shoulders).

Secondly, as a very laid back person I have never personally put much effort into trying to make a good impression on those around me, but now I am entering a proffesional environment where impressions count.

Tips for the bigger guy

Hi, basically I’m a big guy (I’m XXL) but I love dressing either smart casual or formally for all occasions work or play.

Are there any hints or tips in regards to different materials/patterns/clothing items in particular for a guy of my size? and any that would help make people not pay attention so much to my size, but more so to my style/clothing?


What about the larger guys?

Dear Antonio,
My name is Charles. I am in high school and tend to be the better if not best dressed of my friends, I am becoming increasingly aware that the fashion industry defaults to slimmer people. I am a swimmer and a fairly large guy. I’m 6’1″ and 245 lbs. I’m pretty muscular and very broad shouldered. what would you recommend for the heftier men or those of us that are the bulky athlete type?