Will a backpack damage sports jackets?

Hi guys…I was just wondering if you can help me here. I’m a university student who wants to be dressing better…and I’ve ordered two sports jackets I like…now I’m wondering what I can do seeing as I carry a backpack (not because I like them, but because I need to carry a lot…so a briefcase or small over the shoulder strap bag won’t cut it…this leads me to my question of can a sports jacket be damaged with a backpack? Can the whole gentleman look be ruined with a backpack on? (which if it does…I can’t do much about, I still need to rock it regardless…)

What can I do here with a backpack as a student, and the idea of wearing a sports jacket to dress better at the same time…cheers.

My Briefcase is Too Heavy – Should I Switch to a Backpack?

I’m carrying about 20 pounds of stuff in my briefcase these days. I’ve got a laptop with the power charger, a couple of reference books that I have to have every day, some personal items, papers — you get the idea. I’m not thrilled with the idea of a backpack with a business suit, but I’m also tired of hurting my back. Anything I can do?

Can a Backpack Look Good?

I’m a student and i wonder if stylish looks will look good with my backpack hanging on my back. I was wondering if you can do a video on back pack thats fashionable or will look good with these style