3 Replies to “T-Shirt vs. Undershirt”

  1. Undershirts usually hug tighter to the skin, and act as more of an insulation layer and guard against perspiration. Because of this, they are usually plain colors (white, black, gray), and do not have designs on them because they are not meant to be seen. T-shirts are generally looser and are intended to be worn visibly, and so can be more colorful or have patterns, but do not have to.

    In general, undershirts will be found in stores with the socks and underwear, so as long and the items you are looking at aren’t near there, you should be fine.

  2. The undershirt has no print on it. Solid color: white or black. It’s also a lot fitting to one’s body. The T-shirt is a lot loose and has prints and different colors. It is totally meant to be seen compared to the undershirt.

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