3 Replies to “T shirt under a blazer or sport coat”

  1. I wouldn’t say that it is a stylish look, but it can work well if you are in a very casual situation where you know everyone else will be wearing a t-shirt or similar, so long as you apply the same coordination techniques as you would with a dress shirt.

  2. A classic look would be a turtle neck t-shirt that would go with the color of your blazer. For example, a tan blazer with a dark brown turtle neck under it. I personally wear this look on occasion and I get complements on it often. go for it

  3. You need to consider your body type when you wear one, the T-shirt looks good in public when it flatters your body not draw attention to unflattering places like a large stomach. A colored t-shirt is actually appropriate for casual events, but if you really want to improve your personal style, you can opt for polo shirts.

    Hope this helps!

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