Summer overcoat

I have a very nice overcoat that I wear during the winter. Where I live it can get too wet in the summer for a regular suit, but still be too hot for an overcoat. I’ve been reduced to taking off my jacket and wearing a windbreaker. Is there a solution?

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  1. There is, and ever since I’ve had it I’ve worn it with even the slightest chance of rain: a trenchcoat. It’s a classic piece, can be worn all buttoned-up for a formal look (great to go with a suit) or loose for when you’re wearing, say, chino’s and a dress shirt. The one I got this summer his very lightweight, so throughout summer it’s comfortable. I’m sure there’s warmer trenchcoats available, but you’ll have to ask yourself if you’d want to wear that over a suit on a warm summer’s day.

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