3 Replies to “Suits/Blazers and T-Shirts”

  1. I see it somewhat frequently among members of the hipster crowd, typically a graphic tee matched with a pinstriped blazer. It’s a young person look, not intended to seem professional. I don’t mind it. What annoys me is the style’s older, more mature cousin: shirts intended to be worn with suits that are worn by men in a business setting. I’ve never considered any kind of T-shirt, regardless of fit or material, to be an acceptable substitute for a traditional button-front. T-shirts and blazers can be done casually, but nothing more.

  2. I think Goodminton nailed this one. It’s fine for casual and social outfits, but avoid it in business dress. Can be a good look if you know you’re going to be dealing with a trendy, fashion-forward crowd and you don’t want to seem stiff.

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