Suits for Slim Guy


I’m very short and have a slim build. I’m 22, 5’4 and 105 lbs. I recently started eating more and working out more to try and gain weight, I was up to 115 actually when I played highschool sports and worked out a lot more. Anyways, I want to purchase my first suit but given my very slim build, most off the rack look, awkward. I’m not sure if it looks awkward because I’m not used to the way I look in suits or they really do look awkward. But a few that I tried on look wide on me, the length is actually not too bad I feel. Do you think this is a fair assessment or off-the-rack suits on a guy with my build? My question is, should I go with custom made? or are there certain brands that have suits that will look good? My price range is probably $250-$400 or so.


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  1. Off-the-rack suits are generally made to fit onto a large range of people rather than fit a certain type or body shape. Because of this, it’s not suprising that you can’t find one that fits you properly. That said, I would recommend you but a suit that fits you well in the shoulders and as many other places as possible and then take it to a tailor to get the waist adjusted (if you mention that you are planning on gaining weight then you could also ask them to do it in a way that allows the suit to be enlarged again if needed). This will save you both money and time – if you do eventually find a suit that fits you well in a shop then the chances are that it will be expensive and only come in one style.

    Also, one piece of advice that Antonio has given and I completely agree with is to choose pieces that fit you now, rather then how you want to look. You can always have your clothes changed later.

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