What Kind of Vents Should I Get on My Suit?

I’m buying a new suit and want to know more about the vents in the back. Most jackets seem to come with one center vent. Should I get that, or go unvented? And what about the ones with two vents on each side of the back?

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  1. If you’re buying off the rack you may be stuck with single-vented jackets. They’re the easiest and cheapest to make, so that’s become something of the default. It’s probably the least flattering, though, so if you get a chance go for one of the other two options:

    Double-vented jackets (with two slits on the back, one near each hip) move easily when you do. They look best for men who have to stand up and sit down a lot, as well as men who are constantly on the move. They’re also the only jacket that doesn’t look terrible when you put your hands in your trouser pockets without unbuttoning the jacket — not that you should. But if it’s a habit, double vents help a lot.

    Unvented jackets have the sharpest silhouette and fit your body the closest. They’re a good option for any close-fitted, sharp-shouldered Italian style jacket or similar garments. They look sharp standing, but aren’t quite as nice when you sit, and you definitely can’t put your hands in your pockets when you wear one.

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