How Should I Store My Suits?

Hi Antonio,

I’ve recently bought a new suit and was wondering what’s the best way to store it. I’ve researched this topic online and it’s been really hard to find a conclusive answer. The majority of people agree that you should store a suit in a suit/garment bag but a lot of people also say to stay away from suit bags made from plastic or vinyl. What kind of storage do you use or recommend?

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  1. If you are storing a suit for a period of time, the best bags to use are made of breathable canvas. You should avoid plastic. Never put a suit in a big right after you have worn it. Perspiration could cause mold to build up. Wait at least 24 hours. Do not store a suit in a really hot environment or in closet/wardrobe that has no ventilation. In some parts of North America you have to watch for humidity building up to cause mold in a closet. At other times you need to check for moth. Moths love natural fabrics. A few moth balls will help. Some of them now come unscented.

  2. – Use thick, quality wooden hangers. They should be broad enough to mimic the top of your shoulder bones, and curved like your shoulders. Wood works better at drawing out moisture than plastic does, so try to avoid synthetics.

    – Keep the suits out of the light to protect the dyes. Closets are dark for a reason.

    – Give your suits room to hang apart, rather than pressing the up against one another. You want air flowing through.

    – Toss a few pieces of sandalwood (lots of menswear stores sell them) in the closet to help keep bugs away and to control odor. It also helps keep insects out.

    – If your closet isn’t very well-sealed or you live in a climate where insects are a regular problem, go ahead and use some mothballs or similar products. Look for the newer ones made of non-toxic chemicals, and try for ones that don’t have much of a smell.

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