How Do I Get a Stiff Shirt Collar?

I live in South Africa and have a body that makes it difficult to buy shirts in the shops, so I have my shirts made. I however find that the people that make my shirts struggle to get the collars stiff, like the ones bought in the shops. What material do you use to get the stiff collar?

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  1. If you watch Antonio’s youtube video “Shirt Collar Placement” he mentions a company called Wurkin Stiffs. They are basically metal collar stays that are kept in place with a very strong magnet. I use them myself and am very satisfied. I don’t know if they ship internationally, but check out there website.

  2. Starch. It comes in spray-starch bottles or the DIY crowd can make a batch pretty easily out of grocery store starch and water — there’s lots of how-tos floating around the internet.

    For the most part, though, you should just be pressing your collars regularly. Don’t use starch every time. It does gather on the threads of the fabric and can make them brittle over time, as well as being uncomfortable around the chin if you overdo it. Go easy and only use starch when you really need that ultra-sharp collar edge for very dressy situations.

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