Are Square-toed Shoes Okay?

I have a pair of black square-toed shoes which I plan to wear with a suit. I think it looks very nice but I see many articles on the net being strongly against wearing square-toed shoes.

Would you wear them ?

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  1. Well, here is my opinion on square toed shoes –

    You might be able to pull them off (there are variations of this style), and honestly 90% of men won’t notice. But that 10% that do are the men who pay attention to the details and are the decision makers.

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  2. They’re not inherently BAD, just not really the best look in the world. Square isn’t a great shape for people.

  3. If you own only one pair of shoes and the style is square-toed shoes, you might want to invest in another shoes because this is not a classy style. It can only work with a few styles and body types. You can opt for the split-toe or cap-toe men’s shoes because they are more suitable for most levels of formality.

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