3 Replies to “Do Socks Need to Match Shoes?”

  1. Not ideally. The best look is usually socks matched to the trouser color, so that there’s as seamless a blend as possible if the cuff rides up.

    More daring dressers can experiment with contrast colors, though it’s best to keep these at least somewhat restrained — lavender with gray and so on. Patterns like argyle are also a good way to introduce some color while still keeping a base that matches the trousers.

    If you really can’t find anything that matches your trousers or makes a nice complement, matching the color of the shoe leather is sort of a distant third option. It’s acceptable, but not great-looking.

  2. Here’s Antonio’s take on socks (I came across this via The Style System):

    Common Rules Concerning Socks 1:

    “Your socks should match one another and not have holes or visible stains Now some of you are thinking this is incredibly obvious; however, I mention this rule for those of you who fail to see the problem here. Assuming you keep your shoes on and never expose your torn and mismatched socks, there very well may not be an issue. But for most of us, failing to heed this rule is going to lead to an embarrassing situation when we unexpectedly have to remove our shoes; instead of striking up a conversation with a potential business partner, we’ll be worried about concealing our protruding big toe.

    Side Note – it was an embarrassing situation with torn socks at a Japanese Tea house that led entrepreneur Samy Liechti to form the company Black Socks. His genius idea? Provide men sockscriptions, where 3 pairs of black socks are delivered by mail every few months. Wish I would have thought of this!”

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