2 Replies to “How Do I Get the Smell of Smoke Out of My Suits?”

  1. Air is actually your best solution here. The smell comes from little smoke particles that have stuck to the wool fibers, and air flowing through the suit will clean much of that out. Just hang the suit on a thick wooden hanger (if you use a thin wire hanger the sides of the jacket won’t be far enough apart and it’ll be harder to get air flowing through) and put it somewhere with a gentle breeze. An electric fan in your closet will do the trick, so long as you’re careful to keep the suit hung well apart from other clothes.

    Brushing the suit with a suit brush will also help. You can get them most anywhere they sell good suits, or at most tailors’ shops. I usually wait until after I’ve aired the suit; that way I know I’m not grinding in any particles that would have drifted free on their own.

    The one things I would avoid is using anything like a scented candle, air freshener, etc. in your closet to cover up the smell. That’s not actually solving the problem — it’s just getting MORE foreign particles stuck in the weave, which are eventually going to coat the threads and damage them as well as making the suit smell like a weird mixture of smoke and sweetness.

    Dry-cleaning flushes cleaning fluids through the weave of the suit, so it should also be effective for just about any smell. It is, however, hard on the fibers and will eventually shorten the life of the suit, so save it for smells that aren’t airing out on their own.

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