Should I wear jeans to work?

I own two gas stations in Mexico and I always go to work (even Sundays) in light color jeans, many of them old ones and extremely comfortable shoes. My wife keeps telling me I look terrible and that I left all fashion behind. I feel really comfortable wearing this to work, am I wrong?

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  1. Well, she’s right that there’s not much fashion/style there. Jeans (especially light-colored ones) are work clothes, and should be saved for when you’re doing physical work where their protection and resistance to wear-and-tear matters.

    That said, if your work involves the machinery of a gas station, where stains and spills are pretty much part of daily life, there’s no reason to be wearing something nicer. Grubby dress slacks don’t look any better than grubby jeans.

    It all just depends on your daily work routine. If you’re inside and interacting with people all day, slacks and a collared shirt would be a better choice (maybe even a casual jacket on top). If you’re outside working with your hands, jeans and a work shirt make perfect sense.

  2. Well thank you so much for clearing that out, I’m definitely wearing the wrong outfit to work.
    It’s amazing how women have this “I don’t know what” to see things we don’t.

    I’ll start looking for some slacks and some collared shirts to make her happy…

  3. “To make her happy”? Lol! I think Antonio’s whole idea is to teach us, men, to actually snap-out-of-it and start caring about style. It seems that you’re a successful man down in the old country, if I were in your place I’d be trying to dress sharper, not only to please my wife, but to be presentable to my customers and feel better about myself. Greetings!!!

  4. Frank you’re right!
    Actually my name is not Silvia (that’s my wife’s name and this is her space), I’m Clemente. I do think I should try to dress sharp and accordingly to my line of work.
    This time she got it right but, I’m definitely make an effort and work on my dressing sharper firstly as a gift for me and if she likes it too, well… Better!

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