3 Replies to “What’s the Right Size for Shirt Cuffs?”

  1. You want about a half-inch of shirt cuff showing, but that number can vary a bit for different body types. A man with longer arms can show a bit more cuff, while a short gentleman wants to show a smaller section.

    Off-the-rack shirts are going to be sized by neck width and arm length, so there won’t be a specific cuff measurement. You can have a tailor adjust yours if they’re too large for your wrist, and of course if you’re having your shirts made from scratch the wrist will be one of the measurements used.

  2. Here’s a short video on shirt cuff sizing from the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

  3. Antonio mentions in his video that you shouldn’t be able to just slide off a buttoned-up cuff off your hand; that the cuff shouldn’t be more than 2″ longer at most than the size or your wrist. He continues talking about French cuffs and says with those you can have them a little bigger, since they’re supposed to be fuller.

    My question then is simply; is it OK if your French cuffs slide right off your hands whilst “buttoned-up”?

    My wrist is 7.5″ and the cuff circumference is about 9.5″ from the centre of one hole to the other. Thanks!

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