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  1. Tip 1: Get a good metal razor instead of a plastic handle with replaceable cartridges. You’ll spend like $30 on the razor one time, a couple bucks a year on blades, and you’ll have a much easier time shaving. The weight of a good metal razor does the work for you. You don’t have to press as hard, which irritates the skin less and makes you less likely to nick yourself.

    Tip 2: Use a mild soap. Cake soap with a brush and a mug tends to have a lot less chemicals in it than canned stuff, but if you do go for a can try to stick with something basic instead of a gel. Avoid anything that has astringent alcohol in it, as that will dry your skin out and make it more irritated post-shaving.

    Tip 3: Shave smaller amounts at a time. If you’re trying to pull the blade all the way down your cheek in one go you’re missing spots. Two or three short strokes on a small patch, rinse the blade off, then move on and do it again. That way you’re not having to go back and scrape the skin a bunch of times.

    Tip 4: Use a mild aftershave (nothing alcohol-based) or just a washcloth with cold water to rub your face afterward. The cold helps tighten the pores up so they’re less likely to get infected or irritated.

    Tip 5: Apply a mild face lotion once everything’s all dried and done. This is just a basic skincare step that’ll help keep your skin fresh and clean. You’ll look better and the next shave will be smooth and easy.

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