Rolling up Jeans?

A few of my pants are a tad long, what do you guys think of rolling up the bottom of jeans versus letting the small excess accumulate there? It’s not to the point where they get close to touching the ground with shoes on but I prefer the clean, sharp look. Shoes: CK sneakers (all black, no laces)

Obviously, getting jeans with the exact fit would be best but I do like some of mine that run just a bit long.

2 Replies to “Rolling up Jeans?”

  1. Rolling up works for me when I roll them into cuffs because I have long legs but am very short at 5’7…it helps me look more proportional to roll up the jeans a bit and make the legs look shorter in an illusion so that my body looks more 50/50 than it really is.

  2. You can roll up your jeans if it’s bothering you or might I suggest to visit your local tailor so he can cut the extra fabric so you don’t have to worry about rolling it up.

    Hope this helps!

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