Hello Antonio,
First of all I’d like to congratulate you for your very helpful and useful videos. Secondly I would like to address my question, but before I do that let me give you a brief background: I am in the process of building my interchangeable wardrobe, and so far I think I am doing pretty good. Two pair of dark denim jeans, two dress shirts, two casual/dress shirts and two pairs of leather shoes one black and one brown, and of course a pair of boat shoes. Now, I am going to go for the casual and dress clothing. I’ve checking online men’s clothing stores and so far I’ve liked this one www.bonobos.com. Do you think is a good option? It seems pricy, which I think is good because it means quality, I’ve read the clothing descriptions and to me they sound good. However I would appreciate to have your opinion. By the way, my complexion is pretty much average. Thanks in advance!